Increase Sales With Less Cost

Start a Long-term Partnership
With Your Customer

Increase customer loyalty

• ​Hand over the card​
• Gift bonus points​
• Increase the chances of a revisit​

Improve communication
with your customers

• Create a database
• Get to know your customer
• Plan promotion for different groups
• Communicate simply

Get to know your customers

Find out:

  • Who generates the most income for you
  • Who is about to establish a long-term partnership
  • Who is leaving you
  • Who might leave you
  • Who you should hold on to

Stimulate a variety costumer groups

  • Plan the promotions simply
  • Offer a new product to loyal customers
  • Promote promising customers to become loyal
  • Stimulate passive customers
  • Don’t let income generating customers leave you

Talk to existing and potential customers

  • Plan communication with both existing and potential customers simply
  • Send SMS to your customers with a simple click on the button
  • Manage multiple communication channels from one platform


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